Looking For Relief From Your Asthma Symptoms?

Have you or a family member experienced shortness of breath, coughing, gasping, or wheezing caused by asthma triggers? Unlike other systems, the ICON introduces clean fresh air into your home while reducing the airborne triggers that cause your asthma symptoms to happen. The ICON has no harmful side effects and has helped many people, like you, enjoy life at home.

Top Airborne Triggers for Asthma


      • Cockroaches
      • Dust Mites
      • Pollen
      • Mold
      • Dust
      • Pets


      • Strong Odors
      • Sprays
      • Smoke
      • VOCs

Airborne Irritants Trigger Asthma Attacks

For asthma sufferers, the lungs are especially sensitive to indoor airborne irritants. These irritants can cause an immune response and inflammation of the lung tissue, which can result in the wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath associated with an asthma attack.

The healthy living performance award has been presented to American Innovative Research for outstanding achievements in the science of improving indoor air quality.

Take Control of Your Home’s Asthma Triggers

When it comes to your family, you want the best. You’ve chosen the best health insurance, the best doctors, clean water and the healthiest foods. Now you can control your home’s air quality by reducing the triggers that cause your asthma symptoms. So, when it comes to the air quality in your home, get the best, an ICON.

First Breakthrough in Indoor Air Quality in 60 Years

The ICON is the world’s first portable system to integrate air exchange with advanced sterilization and filtration, offering you the healthiest air for your home. The ICON features whole-house Air Replacement Technology (ART ™), which replaces the hazardous air in your home with healthy air. The system reduces airborne mold spores, airborne allergens, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) given off by many common household products. The ICON can be easily installed in a window and delivers clean, fresh, and healthy air for you and your family.

What the EPA Says About Indoor Air

“Indeed, studies of human exposure to air pollutants by EPA indicate that indoor levels of pollutants may be 2 to 5 times – and occasionally more than 100 times – higher than outdoor pollutant levels. Indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health.”

Treat the Triggers, Not Just The Symptoms

Medications can provide temporary relief from your asthma, but they only treat the symptoms while doing nothing to eliminate the triggers of your asthma. The ICON works to eliminate these triggers by reducing all forms of airborne irritants in your home.

Live More Comfortably with Your Asthma

Repeatedly breathing in airborne irritants can trigger severe asthma symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Frequent asthma episodes may interfere with your sleep, significantly reducing your energy level and affecting how you feel throughout the day. By removing the airborne irritants that trigger irritation in your lungs you can breathe easier and sleep better.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC):

“Asthma is a disease that affects your lungs. It causes repeated episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and night-time or early morning coughing. Asthma can be controlled by taking medicine and avoiding the airborne triggers that can cause an attack.

What the American Lung Association says about Air Replacement Technology

“Ventilation is a very important step to keep the air quality in your home as clean as possible. Fresh air needs to come indoors while dirty indoor air needs to go outside.”

ICON Reduces 100% of All Types of Airborne Pollutants

The ICON is based on technology that has been proven in commercial applications by many of the world’s top health providers. After five years of research and development, this unique technology is available for your home and reduces all types of airborne pollutants. The ICON ventilates your home by pushing out contaminated stale air containing all types of airborne pollutants and replacing it with sterile fresh healthy air.

How does the ICON Reduce 100% of All Types of Airborne Pollutants?

The ICON uses ART™ (Air Replacement Technology), L-FAST™(Laminar Flow Air Sterilization Technology), and the highest quality HEPA filter to reduce 100% of all types of airborne pollutants. The ICON is the only system in the world that combines these technologies to provide you and your family with the healthiest indoor air to breathe.

A Well Known Doctor’s Experience with The ICON

Thomas F. Johnson, MD, is the Medical Director for the New England Allergy and Immunology Clinics ( with six different locations between New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He has practiced medicine for over 48 years with a focus on allergies/immune conditions, and this is what he had to say about the A.I.R. ICON :

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April 9, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

My experience utilizing the American Innovative Research Corp. (A.I.R. Corp.) has been positive. The novel idea of purifying the air which is then delivered into a room such as a bedroom or a living space displacing the impure air to the point where the air is subsequently scrubbed clean appealed to me as a novel method of air purification.

I first considered this product with a great deal of skepticism but I soon found that my sister-in-law was suffering from chronic obstructive lung disease induced by excessive smoking and was undergoing repeated hospitalizations at an alarming frequency almost every other month, winding up in the intensive care unit at our local hospitals for prolonged periods of intensive care unit therapy and subsequent treatment in rehabilitation facilities.

Out of desperation I gave her a gift of one of these units and watched her promptly stabilize to the point that a year later she was able to undergo anesthesia and total hip replacement.

Of course subsequently there was a gradual deterioration and she died of pulmonary failure approximately two years later. The results however were quite remarkable to me.

Subsequently my granddaughter was born and developed asthma. She was having difficulty on a continual basis and required steroid medication and intermittent urgent care at her pediatricians and I consulted several of my colleagues in allergy. Again out of a feeling of frustration with the medication control which was achieved relative to her symptoms I purchased a second unit for my daughter's home and it was installed in my granddaughter's bedroom. Within a month my granddaughter had stopped wheezing and coughing. This was a dramatic change for her. I believe, based on the data that I was shown both in my sister-in-law's case and in my granddaughter's case that the reduction of inhalable particles which followed the use of this unit was directly the reason that both my sister-in-law stabilized and my granddaughter's asthma virtually disappeared.



One ICON Covers Your Entire Home

The ICON has been proven to deliver clean fresh air throughout your entire home up to 10,000 square feet. Unlike the ICON, all portable recirculating air purifiers are designed to cover only one room. Our customers are enjoying the benefits of less clutter and reduced noise, and years of maintenance free operation.

Create an Indoor Oasis

The ICON turns your entire home into an oasis where you can relax, enjoy a safe environment, and have fewer asthma attacks. ICON customers say they feel better and are able to spend more quality time with the people they love.


Why Choose the ICON When Living with Asthma?

  • The ICON delivers the safest and healthiest air for you and your home
  • Small Packaging with Sizable Results - One compact, window mounted unit covers your entire home.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee - Free 30 day home trial, and if you’re not 100% satisfied we will refund 100% of your money.
  • Made in the USA - By a leading industry ISO9001 manufacturer.
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