I noticed the difference immediately. I can feel the difference in my lungs and my breathing.


I would recommend the ICON to anyone that has breathing issues like asthma, allergies, COPD because the ICON reduces the irritants in the air so it reduces my symptoms and it improves the quality of life which it has done for me.


I think that the ICON is a great product because it has made my house a lot cleaner and fresher. It has helped my daughter breathe a lot better and has let me keep my dog who is our buddy.


Since I have been using the unit, I'm sleeping better at night and wake up less congested. I definitely noticed the difference immediately. I can feel the difference in my lungs and my breathing. I'm feeling better when I am in my house because it is making a positive impact. My wife also suffers from allergies. The ICON eliminates the harmful triggers and brings in sterile air. I'm very pleased with the ICON clean air delivery system.


I can smell the difference in the air. The air feels better. It feels like being in a clean room. I can feel the difference in my lungs when I breathe. Both I and my wife are waking up in the morning less stuffy and congested. She suffers from allergies. It is a noticeable difference. After going to my pulmonologist the results of my pulmonary function tests had improved and I'm feeling better. I'm very happy with the unit. I feel like it is making a difference.


While I have enjoyed having my ICON Air, and knew it was bringing cleaned, fresh air into my condo, I was recently reminded of what a difference it makes in my health. I have Alpha-1 COPD and use oxygen 24/7. On a recent trip to NYC, I stayed in a nice hotel and visited a clean, well-kept condo. In each environment my nose was dry, stuffy, and, generally, quite miserable. I actually kept my liter flow a bit higher when I could. What a relief to return home! Within hours my nasal passages were moist, I was breathing better, and, most importantly, my health was better.


I suffer from severe asthma. I recently moved from Florida to North Carolina. Upon moving to North Carolina, my condition was dramatically impacted. The environmental conditions, with the increase in pollen count, negatively impacted my health. The "airborne triggers" affecting my asthma resulted in me having sleepless nights and waking up in the morning feeling tired and congested. During the day, my breathing problems made my life absolutely miserable. I added two additional medications to the ones already prescribed and was using the rescue inhaler often. My physician recommended an air purifier for my home.

I purchased an ICON and installed it in my bedroom window. The improvement in my condition was immediate and quiet dramatic. I was now able to sleep through the entire night and woke up rested and without congestion. I was actually able to discontinue the two added medications. My daytime activity and energy levels improved immensely. The ICON made our entire home more comfortable for both my husband and myself. I am extremely happy with the ICON. It has changed the quality of life for both myself and my husband.


Since I have been using the ICON, I am using less oxygen and I am feeling much better. I am using a lower liter flow than a few months back. I am having fewer bad breathing days. On a recent visit to my pulmonologist, I told him about the ICON. He was very impressed with the system and technology it uses. In addition, he saw improvement in my condition. He indicated that my lungs had improved air flow and the actual results of my Pulmonary Function Tests had improved. Not only am I subjectively feeling better but my actual test results have improved as well. I'm very happy with the ICON.


I don’t wake up as many times during the night, and I’ve been able to sleep now. The other night I woke up to go to the bathroom and I realized my cannula was off. I’m not saying that I don’t need oxygen at night, but it was amazing that I was able to stay asleep without 2 liters of air going through my nose, I don’t reach for my inhaler first thing in the morning anymore, either—that’s a difference.


I have a double lung transplant and I need a clean environment because I am on immune suppressants.


Dear Air Corp-US,

I just wanted to complement you on your device, the ICON whole home air purification system. I had heard of the ICON from several of my friends who also have severe advanced emphysema and COPD. They all had said what a difference the device had made in their lives. So last summer I had an ICON installed in the living room of my house and the result was almost immediate. It was significantly easier to breath when I was home. I noticed that I had less congestion (nasal as well as chest), I was coughing less frequently and I just seemed to feel better most of the time.

Some of the greatest challenges I faced as a patient with emphysema were chemical smells and dust. In October we had our first floor renovated with new wood floors and painted over 75% of the total area; it was amazing that I barely noticed any irritants. In fact it was one of the best fall seasons I have ever had as far as my breathing goes.

Some other notable effects of the ICON are that friends who have cat allergies (we have 3 cats) are now able to visit without running for their antihistamines. My daughter has also noticed a big change in how she feels. She has had much less nasal congestion and coughing. She swears that when she spends time downstairs in the living room with the ICON she just feels and breathes better.

In January of this year I was the recipient of a double lung transplant. With all the drugs I am on to control rejection, my transplant physicians suggested I make sure to avoid any airborne irritants. When I told them I had an ICON system and explained the concept behind the Clean air/clean room technology they all said it was a brilliant idea to have to help avoid rejection in my new lungs. And so far the ICON is working well to help minimize any potential rejection or increased irritation of my new lungs.

So, once again I’d just like to say thanks for making this powerful new technology available to help those of us with respiratory disease. The ICON delivers big when all the competition just falls flat at truly providing a safe CLEAN AIR environment.

Thank you,

-Robert S.

My 2 ½ old twin boys were diagnosed with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD), a rare genetic lung disorder with no cure in June of 2014. Up until this point, our doctors prescribed heavy doses of antibiotics and steroids, 100s of nebulizer treatments and we were visiting the ER at least once per month. As parents, we were desperate to find a better solution that could help our children live better, healthier lives. We sought advice from anyone that would give it.

We then developed a new regiment including the ICON air purification system, PURETI Clean Air and multiple therapeutics. We believed that the boys were transforming from sick babies to healthy ones in only a matter of time.

My husband, myself and they physicians were amazed with the results. We have been ER free for over 6 months after this new regimen. Since then the doctors have even reduced the regimen to a broncodialator. And we have not a had a sick visit since the medication reduction - Not a single visit! The healthy indoor breathing environment provided by the ICON allows us to ensure that we are providing our children with the cleanest air environment. They sleep better, we all notice a cleaner home environment with less dust, and even kept the family dog.

If you or a loved one is suffering any type of respiratory ailments, I strongly recommend adding the ICON to your regiment. Clean, fresh air throughout my entire house. The ICON finally gave our entire family piece of mind that we were providing the cleanest air to our children - when they were home. Thank you A.I.R. Corp!

-Monica D.

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